DOREE II, HAND forged custom d2 tool & die alloy steel knife 9-1/2" cord wrapped

SHOKUNIN USA Hunting knife is made from hand forged D2 tool & Die Alloy Steel. This masterpiece piece takes days to produce starting from welding steel to hand forging it and then selecting and finishing/assembling scales. The handle is soft polyester string/cord wrap grip . The knife is perfectly balanced for fatigue free performance and is very light weight to carry around. Can be used for any purpose such as hunting, camping, hiking, utility, tactical etc.

D2 tool & Die Alloy steel has outstanding properties of strength and hardness. We amplify its properties by oil quenching it at 2100 deg F to cool it down fast, and we do it twice to make sure its hard to its inner core to withstand any kind of work you may put it to use.

Overall length : 9.5"
Blade Length : 5"