About Us

My love for knives comes from the skill I inherited through my father & his father. My grandfather used to make flawless blades for surgeons; blades as sharp as a razor. Twelve years ago, I used those same tools to hand craft my first knife. The difference & excitement I felt in making knives was that each blade has its own character, personality and is designed for a specific job. Whereas surgical blades are more or less repetitive. I was so proud after my first project, it opened a new door for me after only making surgical instruments my whole life. I then continued making knives as a hobby and today, I professionally design & create each unique piece.

I’ve crafted my knife products with a variety of materials for example;

Blades: Damascus steel, D2 steel, High speed steel, Carbon steel. 
Handles: Antler, Bison horn, Ram horn, Camel bone, Whale bone, Thuya Burl wood, Micarta, Walnut, Maple & more! 

For the strops & sheaths I have used vegetable tanned cowhide for almost all of my projects. The vegetable tanning process creates a durable, somewhat rigid leather that will accept carvings, tooling and dyes. All sheaths are tooled and stitched by hand and treated with a protective leather finish. Among the many options that make each project unique are posts, exotic inlays, tooling/texturing/carvings and dye color.

Shokunin prides itself on 12 years of manufacturing experience & design. 

Our intricate, hand-crafted knives are a unique choice of gift for you or your loved ones! Our knives are made with the best quality Damascus steel and are produced after rigorous testing; in short, they are the best knives at very affordable prices. If you are interested in ordering any custom-made product with Damascus steel, stainless steel, high-speed steel, or D2 steel, please feel free to inquire. We can help you design and make your desired knife happen in no time!