Straight razor, PYTHON, RAZOR MEISTER German high speed steel, shave ready Faux Tortoise Shell handle, Personalized

• Traditional straight razor, German high speed steel • 6/8" blade for general beard growth removal • Elegant Faux Tortoise shell handle If you are looking to go "cut-throat" with your shave, check out Supreme by Razor Meister straight razors. For years, we've been committed to sourcing and producing exceptional men's grooming items, and now we're excited to bring you these straight razors. For over a year, we've been coordinating with the best straight razor manufacturers to bring you an exceptional product, right from the legendary blade steel making region of Solingen, Germany. Check out our RM Stealth Faux Tortoise Shell Straight Razor, 7/8 High speed steel. This elegant razor is perfect for the novice just getting his feet as well as the expert looking for a great addition to his den. The blade is 7/8" which is great for general beard growth removal. The full hollow grind and high speed steel is often preferred for its audible feedback. You can hear the blade "sing" as you are getting a BBS shave. And as long as you are embracing the straight blade, you might as well grab a good strop and learn the art of sharpening your newly acquired steel! The Beauty & Barber logo is etched on one side of the blade so you know you are getting a quality product. The tang and spine are polished for a unique brilliant mirror finish. The scales are hand finished cellulose acetate for a classic presentation. Each blade comes "shave ready" in a beautiful hand-stitched top grain leather sheath to protect your investment. Invest in yourself, invest in your shave, invest is a great, enduring tool. Size: 6/8" Material: German high speed steel Grind: Full Hollow, triple honed, shave ready Scales: Faux Tortoise Shell Markings: Razor Meister PYTHON Why Choose Razor Meister Python?
✓Shave ready, ultra-sharp at a staggering 5-8°degree angle per side.
✓Incredible Edge Retention at 58-62 HRC.
✓German high-speed steel. The ultimate steel for the ultimate performance.
✓This immaculate razor is sharpened under the ancient 3-step honing method.
✓pressure treated water proof cellulose acetate handle provides a perfect balance and gently encourages a natural and comfortable pinch grip.
✓longer lasting than carbon steel.
✓Featuring RAZOR MEISTER SUPREME Series 7/8” wide blade pattern with beautiful art work on top of its tang and spine, for striking, stand out beauty.
✓maximum robustness. riveted wood handle which ix comfortable, hygienic and break-proof.
✓Full hollow ground blade for minimal sharpening effort and longer edge retention attribute.

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